Unleash Your Dog's Inner Athlete: Year-Round Exercise Made Fun! Our Indoor Pool - Safe, Low-Impact Fitness for Every Dog

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Give Your Dog the Best Day Ever!

Your dog's ultimate fitness and happiness destination! We offer a safe, fun-filled 32ft x 16ft indoor heated pool (27 degrees) designed especially for dogs. Here's why your furry friend will love it:

  • The Best Workout: Swimming is a fantastic exercise, building muscle and stamina.
  • Confidence Boost: Great for water-shy pups or those building skills.
  • Pure Joy: Because there's nothing like seeing your dog have a blast!

Give your dog the gift of happy, healthy living. Book now or explore our private memberships!

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More than just exercise.

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  • 1. Learn to swim

    Most dogs love swimming

  • 2. Fitness & Fun

    Exactly what dog's love

  • 3. Weight loss

    Fantastic for losing weight

  • 4. Build confidence

    Through enjoyable activities

  • 5. Socialising

    Teach your dog to react to the world around them

  • 6. Great exercise

    Work out, have fun, improve sleep

  • 7. Bonding

    Engage and connect with them

  • 8. General well being

    = a happy and content well balanced dog

A Unique And Joyful Experience For Your Dog

We believe happy dogs make happy owners! That's why we offer a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for you and your furry friend to bond and play. Our heated indoor pool (approx. 27 degrees) uses the latest non-chemical filtration to ensure total comfort and well-being for your dog.

Why dogs love our pool:

  • Ultimate fitness boost: Strengthens muscles and increases stamina.
  • Mind and body benefits: Provides fantastic mental and physical stimulation.
  • Joint relief: Low-impact exercise is ideal for easing arthritis or other joint issues.
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A Place Where Dog's Can Be Dog's





5 Reasons Your Dogo Should Be Swimming

  • It Improves Overall Health

    Swimming is one of the best, most complete forms of exercise for your dog. Just one minute of swimming equates to five minutes of running! It provides numerous health benefits, including strengthening the heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation which helps keep the skin and coat healthy.

  • It’s Joint-Friendly

    Swimming is low-impact, non-concussive, and non-weight bearing, meaning it allows your dog to enjoy all the benefits without putting stress on their joints and tendons. When submerged, the water takes on most of your dog’s weight, supporting their body and relieving their skeletal system from the stress of jarring impacts that can occur when exercising on land.

  • It’s Stress-Relieving

    Not only is swimming great for your dog’s physical health, it also improves their mental wellbeing. Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation in the form of play, fun, and varied activities that differ from the norm to help them stay sharp and happy. Swimming allows dogs that are usually restricted to exercising on a leash the freedom to get out all their pent-up energy without feeling restrained.

  • It Can Be Pain-Relieving – Warm Water Swimming

    Swimming in warm water can be an excellent form of therapeutic exercise for dogs, aiding in the recovery process by strengthening joints, facilitating circulation, and helping fortify muscles. Not only is the warm water pain-relieving, it also promotes blood flow and helps to warm up muscles quicker, reducing the risk of further injury.

  • It’s Great for Overweight Dogs

    In the case of overweight dogs, it can be difficult to provide them adequate exercise on land without overworking already-stressed joints and muscles. With the water supporting most of the dog’s weight, swimming is a great way for overweight pups to burn calories and improve their metabolic rate without the risk of injury. Together with a balanced diet, swimming can help bring heavy dogs back down to a healthier weight.


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